Are you searching for a Technical SEO Consultant?

Are you searching for a Technical SEO Consultant?

We are a team of Technical SEO Consultants and experts. We used SEO as the main revenue growth channel for our web projects. We’ve optimized thousands of brands, site sizes companies, with technical SEO, SEO audits, SEO Consulting, and SEO Strategies and services. Our Full-fledged Framework implements SEO experiment learnings that identify Technical SEO issues and fix them fast.

We’ve been in the industry for years and have helped thousands of brands. Our team is made up of experts that will do everything they can to make sure your site ranks higher on Google. If you want a company that knows what they are doing, we’re the ones for you.

The internet’s importance is quickly growing in today’s technologies and will continue to grow in the future. The proper data access and integration have become a difficulty as a result of this rapid growth. Because search engines handle 93 percent of all internet traffic, it’s critical to fully understand their capabilities. This article is more than a statistic; it demonstrates the importance of search engines in directing people to the correct websites. Because of the significant influence of search engines, search results are becoming increasingly vital for websites to compete with other competitors.

SEO can be a lead generation machine that generates thousands of leads every single day, depending on the size of the company, the service or product provided, and the competition.

How hard is SEO?

On the surface, it seems like a simple enough task done by a technical seo expert but many intricacies and details need to be addressed before one can achieve decent results. Successful SEO strategies usually have a lot of planning and effort put into them. This is one area that we excel in, as it is what we do every single day.

What is technical SEO and why is it important?

First, What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so that it appears higher in search results when users put in their searches. When seeking information on the internet, users type their queries into the search engines of their choosing (Google, Yandex, and Bing, etc…). When a search query is entered, it is up to Google’s algorithms to sift through the search index and provide the most relevant websites.

If a web developer wants to keep the user on the site, the context of the site and the time it takes to load become crucial aspects. Since a growing number of websites compete for ranking, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is strongly connected to the page hit ratio, frequency of hits, etc…

The competition is correspondingly complicated by the continuous rise in website development. As a result of the significance of end-user accessibility, search engines are the most effective tools. In other words, people spend the majority of their time on websites that they love.

Technical SEO is all of the specific strategic factors that need to be in place for Google to properly find, understand, and show off your website to its (potentially billions) users. This includes things like making sure your sitemap’s structured correctly; ensuring your pages are crawlable by Googlebot; evaluating indexed content density levels; etc. It can be summed up as “doing what needs to be done with code.”

Why Google?

Since 1997, when Google was created, the corporation has commanded worldwide attention; since then, Google has had the largest part of the market; in February 2021, Google had 92.05 percent of the global search market, while Bing had 6.7 percent. Google’s main competitors are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon. Google is a 100% free search engine.

The value of Search Engines in online search comes from their ability to quickly retrieve enormous volumes of data using specific keywords. Customers will search for terms in a search engine. Search engines are massive databases with their own set of identifiers.

How Google’s Algorithm Updates & Signals works?

Google’s algorithms rely on over 200 distinct signals to rank the results based on the search terms. Algorithms search for things like region, content freshness, and web page dependability.

Google has never explained how the algorithms function in detail, but some hints can be used to div out how they work. One of the most useful tools for finding information on the internet is a search engine. The value of Search Engines in online search comes from their ability to quickly retrieve enormous volumes of data using specific keywords.

Technical SEO is the art and science of assisting websites in being discovered in major search engines. The procedure is frequently difficult, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. If your pages are not structured in a search-engine-friendly way, it might be a waste of effort. Mainly focus on the backend (code) of website components to guarantee that your content gets crawled, indexed, and shown properly by Google to users. It also improves user engagement with your site’s content (UX, page load speed, mobile usability).

One of the most important aspects of ranking highly in Google is to develop a webpage that google’s bot can readily access. The ultimate goal of on-page SEO is to build a page that is both visitor and google’s bot-friendly.

The linking structure inside the website, the length of the URL, keyword density, word count, and other factors all have an impact on organic search rankings. On the technical SEO side, there’s never a shortage of things to do.

How Technical SEO is saving lives for webmasters?

A search engine is a computer algorithm that gathers, indexes, and uses information from the Internet using agents called crawlers and other smart bots like google’s bot as an example. It would be impossible to discover appropriate information on the Internet without search engines. Technical SEO is the act of making your website easy-going to understand for those bots with:

  • Improving site speed
  • Reducing page load time
  • Testing for broken links
  • Fixing directory structure
  • and more…


Google uses software known as “web crawlers” to find content on the internet. Spiders and robots are common names for these crawlers. The most well-known crawler is the “Google-bot,” which is constantly crawling all of the web pages on the Internet.

Google-bot follows links to gather information about online pages, paying specific attention to new pages, new or altered content on websites, and dead connections. The content that the Google-bot reads can be controlled by webmasters.


A search index is created from crawled data. This index is a database that contains all of the conceivable material on all of the Internet’s sites. Because Google’s index is quality-controlled and identifies more than just text, pages with the most keywords will not appear in the search results.


Page speed is a crucial technical SEO aspect that search engine bots consider. For example, Google declared in April 2010 that site speed is now a new signal in their search ranking algorithm (Google Developers, 2010). According to research conducted by, the industry leader in SEO, the majority of websites that rank on the first page of Google have good page speed.

The Core Web Vitals report was recently published by Google and confirmed that it will have a huge effect on SEO rankings heading towards 2021 – “Back in early May, Google introduced Core Web Vitals, a set of metrics designed to measure the quality of a website’s user experience. These metrics are related to page load time, interactivity and stability.” – Google.

The page experience update is now slowly rolling out (Top Stories will begin using this new signal by Thursday). It will be complete by the end of August 2021. More here:

— Google Search Central (@googlesearchc) June 15, 2021

Google currently has a collection of rating signals that they use to assess user experience. Slow page load times and poor usability have an immediate and detrimental effect on customer experiences, resulting in reduced interaction, conversion, order values, and a drop in repeat business. They also have a direct effect on the reputation of brands and revenue. Let me determine your website performance issues and fix them.

Very simple, let’s say that your website is well-designed, has a good infrastructure, and well-written content. But a well-built site doesn’t guarantee success when it comes to how to communicate with crawlers and posting signals to Google. Technical SEO goes on to optimize the technical elements of your website, such as:

      • Content: Metadata, Structured Data, and Heading logic.
      • Crawling: Indexation, Searchability, and Broken links.
      • Structure: Cross-origin link, Internal linking, Broken links, and Digital Assets Optimization (Images, videos, files…).
      • Core Web Vitals: Web Performance, a11y, Best practices, Page Experience, SSL.
      • And more…

Search algorithms will continue to become more complicated. The expansion of mobile and voice search, semantic search, and localization, which will have more effect on future search engine algorithms, maybe the next challenges to address within the search engine optimization field.

Does CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and custom apps support Technical SEO?

As a Technical SEO Consultant and to maximize the potential organic visibility in search engines We will Solve all your Technical SEO problems All at Once and optimizing your website content for search crawlers. It doesn’t matter if you are using SaaS, PaaS, CMS, Custom software. We can optimize your website content for search crawlers. If you have a WordPress, Joomla, Magento, or any custom software website.

Technical SEO consultant

The practice of ensuring that a website fits the technical standards of modern search engines to increase organic ranks is known as technical SEO. Crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture are all important aspects of technical SEO.




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