How to Add a New WordPress Admin User?


If you're looking for a way to add another admin user in WordPress, then this tutorial is perfect for you. The process of adding an additional administrator account takes just two steps and only a few minutes of your time. We'll walk you through the whole thing step by step so that there's no confusion about what needs to happen next. So if you want more control over managing posts and pages on your site, look no further than the steps below! You can add up to five more users. This is done by going to Users => Add New and add a new User. Click Save Changes when done.

How to Add a New WordPress Admin User?

1/ Navigate to Users » Add New under the Dashboard menu on the left side of your screen.

2/ Fill out the form provided with your new user's Details and hit 'Add User'.

3/ Once added the new user will receive an email with a link to activate his or her account. The user can then log in and set their own password from within Dashboard> Users.

4/ You'll also notice that you are no longer listed under "Users;" instead, like any other user on your website, you are listed under "Users & Viewers" along with the other users for your site.

How do I edit a user's details?

In general, you can't. However, if you have administrator rights on the site and are logged in as an admin, then go to Users » All Users, and from the search box type in the username, you wish to edit. Select them and then click on "Edit Account" at the bottom of the screen.

Note: You can not change a user's password if they are an editor, author, or contributor via this method; it must be done individually for each post where their access is restricted. Alternatively, the Super Admin can change a user's password for them from within their Dashboard.

Change a User's Password

1/ Log in to your WordPress dashboard as the Super Admin and go to Users » All Users. Find the user you wish to change and click on 'Edit' next to that user.

2/ Once on their profile, click on the 'Change Password' sub-heading at the top of the screen to change their password.

3/ On changing or resetting any user's password, a further email will be sent to that user providing them with instructions on how to log in and update their password.

4/ Once they have logged in and changed their password, they will no longer require the 'Change Password' link to be active; if you wish to re-enable it for them you can do so by going to Users » All Users and finding the name of the user you want to re-activate this feature for. Click on "Edit Account" at the bottom of your screen (as you would change any other user's password) and then click on the 'Enable' checkbox.

5/ Once enabled, if they ever forget their password (which is often unavoidable) then they can simply click on "Forgot your password?" and a new link will appear that allows them to change their password manually by following those steps again.

6/ Remember: A user can be given administrator access and still not have the ability to edit other users or reset any passwords; for this reason, it's important to remain vigilant when managing multiple users.

If you require any further assistance with this process please don't hesitate to ask below or better yet - just contact us via "" . I'm sure we can help out with your situation.

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